Our men’s and women’s shelters are currently in separate buildings. The men’s shelter can house a maximum of 6 residents. The women’s shelter is limited to 6 residents.

We provide live-in supervisors to ensure that our shelters are a safe living environment for all.

During the time that a person stays in our shelter, we help them with things like getting a valid ID, EBT Services through the Department of Social Services, and other things that may seem small, but are in fact important parts of normal daily life. We often provide referrals, assistance with filling out job applications, transportation and other services that may assist a person get “back on their feet”.

Each person that stays with us is required to gain employment within a reasonable time frame. We partner with others to provide counseling to help them learn to save and budget money so that they will be able to pay for rent and deposits when they are able to move forward and move out.

Shelter guests are also expected participate in the daily upkeep of the shelter and to do some community service work.

We may assist them in finding housing by making sure applications are filled out properly and if necessary getting them on the list for low income housing and other services offered in our community.

We counsel each person on a one-on-one basis to ensure that they are able to get whatever they need emotionally, financially and spiritually, to transition back into a fully functioning member of society.

We will NOT do it for you, but we sure are willing to help you in many ways, if you are willing to help yourself!